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County Competitions 2024

County Championships and Competitions will be Online via a new system called MATCH.  To facilitate this, there will also be a new Online Affiliation payment process for the clubs.  The County are also using an Online process for County match squads/selection.  More information will be provided in the next weeks.



In order for the system to be up and running for 2024 season, there are a number of KEY things that are required to be in place.



  • END OCTOBER... all clubs advise Roy Rogers of a club Admin & Comp liaison.
    (G Jones + K Kyle)
  • NOVEMBER... Discussions with Club Rrepresentatives – Guidance & Training – Log In Access – Checking of uploaded data
  • 1st JANUARY 2024... Competition Window Opens
  • 1st FEBRUARY 2024... Competition Window Closes
  • FEBRUARY 2024... Entries reviewed to ensure no mistakes or omissions made
  • 1st MARCH 2024...Electronic Draw made & will be visible on the Counties new Competition website
  • FEB / MARCH 2024... Clubs make Competition payment to BL Treasurer in usual way.
  • MARCH / APRIL 2024...
    • Clubs update database with any new members, removing those who have left the club
    • Clubs make payment of capitations to BL Treasurer in usual way




  • The Match system provides a safe place to record all required information where data is stored under GDPR regulations and is fully backed up.
  • Each year the Club takes the previous year's records and carries out an add and delete process to produce a current list.  This will calculate the required payment for the club to pay to the County.
  • This list is then used on the system to act as the pool of players able to enter the County competitions or to be selected to play in County matches.



  • Entry is carried out directly into the system by each club with a simple tick box of each member who wishes to enter each competition.  Only affiliated members will be available to enter.
  • A summary is provided for the club with details of payments required to be sent to the County.
  • After the closing date for Entries (1st February 2024) the draw is carried out automatically and is available for entrants to see on-line.
  • Winners of each match will enter their win on-line and will be informed as soon as their next opponent is known.


  • Club Secretaries will review their list in the system and select players to be put forward for consideration.  This list is then passed electronically to the selection committee (Men's Section only).  This process is different in the Ladies Section as they keep a list of all players with their associated points and only need additional iinformation regarding new Wildcard players.
  • The Selection Committee Secretary will then send invitations to players who are included in the squad asking for their availability to play in each match.  Players will then be selected for the available list.
  • After selection, players who have been chosen will be notified by email and asked to confirm their acceptance.
  • The system can then produce team sheets and print cards for the match.

Club Competitions 2023

Congratulations to all participants in the Club Competitions this year.

For the first time for many years a Finals Day was held. Thanks to all club members who supported helped with food on the day.

Great effort by all in completing the matches, despite many holiday interruptions.  Results as follows.


4wd Championship:  Winner G.Fardell, Runner Up T.Alcock

2wd Championship: Winner J.Alcock, Runner up T.Allard

Handicap: Winner G.Fardell, Runner up J.Alcock

Maiden: Winner A.Honey, Runner up K.Thurman

Pairs: Winner P.Slater & T. Allard, Runner up S. Weadock & S.Ebbs


Pairs: Winner K. Kyle & K.Thurman, Runner up D.Hulbert & P.Slater


4wd Championship:  Winner J.Jones, Runner Up C. Burton

2wd Championship: Winner R.Hirons, Runner up D.Smith

Handicap: Winner R.Hirons , Runner up M.Brook

Maiden: Winner L.Slater, Runner up C.Smalley

Pairs: Winner C.Smalley & J.Jones, Runner up F.Efford & C.Burton


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