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Bowls’ Big Weekend was a great success


The members who ran the event did a stirling job.  Thankfully the weather was kind to us and new people attending had a good time.  One new member sent a lovely review to Bowls England and we were so pleased with the response.  Allen Efford has kindly taken some photos on the day.


Greetings to our new members.  We hope you enjoy your future amongst this bowling family.  Enjoy any social events we put on for our club members.  We look forward to meeting and playing bowls with you.


Fran and Doris

Enjoying life as usual... in the kitchen!!



John and Ted

Enjoying the sun.  Is someone nodding off in the warmth of the day?


Jacquie, Sharon and Jackie

Must be having a great time together.  Plenty of banter and good humour.



Our future... new members

Looks very promising...



Allen... not so new a member

Gving it his best as ever.



Margaret, Carol & Gail

Who knows what they are discussing... but the President looks in control.



Man following food...

Glad the club is so welcoming and hospitable.



Who put the bowl in the middle?

Sign them up quickly.



All fun to us

Bowls is social, competitive, fun, for all ages... what's not to like?



Bowls England man on the case

Alistair Hollis... has visited us may times playing.  Knows us well.  Now knows us a bit more.




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A great day for our club

A great day to meet new friends.





Our Defibrillator Cabinet is on the outside of the clubhouse at the end of our driveway entrance.

A First Responders instruction sheet is included in the Cabinet and copies are around the clubhouse.

We are so grateful that very many Club Members have been trained to use this equipment in support of us all.



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